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Movoox is a division of Compuzone Advanced Technology LLC and is located in beautiful Hazlet, New Jersey. We are a digital marketing company that has been in business for over 16 years. Movoox provides a broad range of consulting services to help boost your business’ online presence, helping to increase sales and brand recognition. We work with great clients, from small startups to large national brands, who are passionate about their work. As a company, we provide services for almost every field including real estate, food service, beauty salons, places of worship, construction, and landscaping. We also collaborate with those in professional fields, designing digital solutions for lawyers, doctors, and therapists.


Movoox is a personalized and a highly focused digital consulting company with almost two decades of combined experience in web design and development, web photography, online promotion, and business marketing consulting. We truly care about our work, love what we do, and love helping our clients succeed.



Making the decision to choose a web designer is an especially important one. You should take careful thought into who you want to choose because they are holding a piece of your business in their hands. You want to work with someone that can help you with your vision for your website and take you into the future of the Internet – and your business. When making your checklist to find a design firm, ensuring they are local should be on it. There are advantages that are more apparent than it would appear.

Choosing a local company is preferable and can net you several benefits now and in the future.
  • Being local, your web designer knows your area. A web design firm in ANOTHER COUNTRY is not going to know the nuances of your country like someone who lives in the United States. It’s a cultural difference, and understanding what makes your city unique goes a long way in designing a website that fits your local niche. That understanding will help your website come to fruition much faster and with better results.
  • Meetings become much easier and less of a hassle. Meeting to go over details of your website is far easier going this route than with someone out of state where there are often tie-ups with phone calls and other logistical issues. As with any business, effective and timely communication helps move projects forward.
  • You support your local community and the benefits are great. Supporting locally-owned businesses mean you are putting money back into the local economy and by extension, the state. Supporting such a great cause improves your local communities and it puts your name out there in the realm of your community.
  • When potential customers see you have partnered with a local business, you have a greater chance to earn their business. Drawing traffic to your website is important, but when your website is done locally, your clientele base drastically improves. This goes off the idea that when you support local businesses, you are supporting your state and have your best interests in mind.

Certainly, a good local web designer has your best interests in mind. The benefits are more far-reaching than one would think because ultimately no one knows more about your community than someone who lives in it. When looking for a web designer, consider a local designer and reap the benefits.


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