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Make sure that search engines locate you

Search Engine Google may take weeks to find and index your web page. Save yourself time by sending the URL of your website yourself. The URL is the address of your web, for example  you will find your URL in the address bar when you are on your website. You can also submit your URL to the Bing and Yahoo search engines at the same time.

Make the most of your list of e-mail addresses

Use your email address book Your email account contains a very valuable resource, which is waiting for you to take advantage of it. Send an email to family, friends, colleagues, etc. can be a great way to publicize your extraordinary website and start accumulating followers. You do not need to send a long message, just one or two lines that describe your web next to the link. Although it is easiest to send bulk mail, you should consider sending individual emails to the most influential people in your circles. It is important that you can see right away that your new website is interesting enough to take a look and share it with your social circle.

Periodic activity on the web = more traffic

Be active on your website Do not let your website get too busy. Be sure to update it periodically with new content. This way, your web will remain interesting and attractive for the visitors and the search engines, that will not stop visiting it.

Perks & Benefits

Get better Rankings

Website speed improvement

Organic Keyword Search

Get Found

Schema Org Ready

Improve Quality Reviews

Improve Visibility

Site Map Integration

Competitive Advantage

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