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Movoox is a division of Compuzone Advanced Technology LLC and is located in beautiful Hazlet, New Jersey. We are a digital marketing company that has been in business for over 16 years. Movoox provides a broad range of consulting services to help boost your business’ online presence, helping to increase sales and brand recognition. We work with great clients, from small startups to large national brands, who are passionate about their work. As a company, we provide services for almost every field including real estate, food service, beauty salons, places of worship, construction, and landscaping. We also collaborate with those in professional fields, designing digital solutions for lawyers, doctors, and therapists.

Movoox is a personalized and a highly focused digital consulting company with almost two decades of combined experience in web design and development, web photography, online promotion, and business marketing consulting. We truly care about our work, love what we do, and love helping our clients succeed.

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More than 1500 clients already use Movoox

This many clients couldn’t have made the wrong choice. We offer you the easiest solution to create a successful website.

Movoox is always at your service

At Movoox, we like to simplify your life. Of course, there may be unpredictable issues. Because of this, we are always at your service to help you and advise you at all times.

Easy, Professional, Fast, and Affordable! This is our motto.

We always look for the best and easiest way to solve our problems, and we are not those ” 5 minutes website solutions” or ” Do it yourself programs”. We treat your business in a professional way, with respect. You should too.

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Web Design

Web Development

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